My #Japanese blog is on @HealtheBay ‘s

My #Japanese blog is on @HealtheBay ‘s website! Share with your Japanese friends!

Facebook Page for CCD @ Dockweiler Beach

The Coastal Cleanup Day is in less than two weeks! I’m a little bit freaking out. But, not as last year…

I have been to Heal the Bay’s NBS beach cleanup for the past 8 years or so… and, I’ve been a beach captain for 5 years maybe… and I’ve been a speaker for 2 years or so… So to me, “Oh, Beach cleanup is a piece of cake lol” …then I realized that I wouldn’t have as many veteran captains & speakers as the regular NBS! That was when I started freaking out…

Now that I have 6 confirmed co-captains, one of them is Tom who is a super experienced beach captain and should have his own site next year, I am back to the “Oh, Beach cleanup is a piece of cake lol” state 🙂

Wait. Where are the speakers? I’m back to a freaking-out state…

This goes on for the next two weeks. Please bear with me.

FYI, I have finally set up a state-of-the-art Facebook page for our site:
Coastal Cleanup Day at Dockweiler State Beach

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Venice Inland Coastal Cleanup Day

Venice_Inland_letter_revCome and join us for Venice Inland Coastal Cleanup Day at Westminster Dog Park from 9 am to 12 noon on Saturday, September 19, 2009.

First 100 volunteers get a free T-shirt provided by Jun Chong Martial Arts Center 
First 50 volunteers get a free tote-bag provided by C.H. Construction.

Snacks provided by PCH Collective

Raffle Prizes provided by:

Seed Kitchen
Rock’N Fish
Advanced Athletics
Jun Chong Martial Arts Center

Flyers printed by BP Digital and funded by PCH Collective and BP Digital

Media Sponsor: TJS Radio

Helpers at the Events from Venice Heritage Foundation, Seed Kitchen, C.H. Construction and Heal the Bay‘s fully trained volunteer Beach Captains!